Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing to the unknown soldier that never came home

   To the unknown soldier that never came home  

We were asked to write about the unknown  solider,we had to use complex sentences and a aawwubbis.

soldier-silhouette-art-8884485b7ccb3809 (1).jpgAs I write this letter to you today, in my warm classroom. I want you to know  that your family and friends are missing you so much, and that they are thinking about you every second of the day.

I can not imagine what it would look like right now, but I am thinking it is pretty   bad. Until you get back your family will be looking at a lovely photo of you. All they are hoping for is that they will be seeing you again sometime.

How did you feel when you had to go to war and fight? We have heard that you were so excited  to go on an adventure, but then unexpectedly you had to stay in war for 4 years.

We have learnt that people were sent to war so they could fight for their country to make their friends and family proud. Did you want to go to war in the first place? We have also learnt about the people that did not want to go to war and they were called conscientious objectors. Some of the people that did not want to go to war were used as stretcher bearer.

What was your job in the war? Was it that you had to go shoot people?
Or was your job to stay back in the trenches and be the backup if someone needed you? What did you think you need more of? Water? Food? Or both? We have learnt that you had to eat hard dry biscuits, rotten fruit, stew if they were lucky and buller beef.

We will always remember you no matter where we are. We will remember that you fought for us in the war and that we are so proud of you. We look up to you and we think about what you and your friends have done for our country.

We are very thankful for what you and your mates have done. We all know that we can trust you. Now you lie peaceful and calm all alone in the Wellington War Memorial.

Yours sincerly

Polly Phillips

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