Friday, 27 March 2015

A journey Through the mind of Polly.

Here is a story all about me and what I did in the school holidays.

Take a trip inside my mind,
To the world of gymnastics where I will not stop doing gym  every place I go I will do a gym move.

At times my younger brother Bruno and my older sister Daisy will try to do some gym moves that I do.And they are the ones who hurt them self  and end up saying I am never doing gym again

I have a  I have a pet dog Bill  that will try and put a  soccer ball on his nose.He hopes into to the car so he can ride round town and that is what makes mum go crazy.

I dream of Having my own cat but our dog will probably try and eat it. My dad is allergic to cats.If I  leave my school jumper  at school I will probably  leave the cat somewhere.

I wonder  If when I leave H.N.P.S Mr Kinsey and Mrs Cameron will remember me I’m sure Mrs Cameron will remember me but I do not think Mr Kinsey

My hope  is when I get older and I have my driving lesson I pass and not crash.

I can often Be found doing gymnastics in the house when I am not aloud to and mum thinks I am going to fall and hurt my self but I still do gymnastics on my mum and dads bed.

When no one is watching I do gymnastics in the supermarket warehouse and K mart.But I have to be careful  that no one can see me so I do not get in trouble  

This year I am going to try really hard so I can  get a leadership. And try get all  of my badges so I can be like my older sister.I really would like to be a house captain.

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