Thursday, 28 May 2015

We had this photo of a boy jumping off the wharf in Auckland, we had to use complex sentence and a short sharp powerful sentences.

I look down and see the dark green water. I lift my head and look around. I can see boats, water, buildings and the sky tower. I feel like running back home and getting my hot dinner, but that does not matter. We will have dinner again soon enough. I have seen the boys jump, so I think it is my turn to do it.

As I am taking my shoes off, I say what if something goes wrong? I take a big breath, and I say I will do it anyway. I turn around and walk to my point, I count down 3, 2, 1, and start my run. My feet pound across the wharf.
And then,

                       And then,

                                          And then…

I leap into the sky. I can feel the breeze flowing through my toes.
I say to myself this could be my last jump so make it work, I drop, under water 10 seconds no longer, I think to myself will I come back up.

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